Alcohol Rehab – inpatient

How to Find the Best Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alcohol addiction can be difficult for many people to face, but luckily there are options available that could help them to become sober. However, there are so many available that finding the best treatment to suit exact addictions and situations can sometimes be difficult.

However, once an alcoholic understands their addiction and what the treatments are, it’s likely that they will be able to find the best treatments for their needs much more easily.

When to get treatment

Some people may wonder when the best time to get treatment is. What they may not know is that anytime is a good time to get help for an addiction to alcohol. It’s best to get help before an addiction becomes serious, as it can be more difficult to recover from, but even people who have been addicts for many years can benefit from getting treatment.


An alcohol detox is one of the first steps to recovery, but it can also be the most difficult part of the process for some people. Detoxification is the name of the section of treatment where a patient’s body is cleansed of alcohol.

Usually, a detox is offered at the beginning of a treatment program at rehab centres, but there are also medical facilities that offer this process without any other treatments, too. The reason that most rehab centres offer detox is because it rids the body of the harmful chemicals that cause dependency. Once the body is clear of toxins, the treatment that a patient receives is there to help them to mentally recover.

Inpatient rehab

Inpatient rehab is one of the most effective ways to recover from an alcohol addiction. With inpatient rehabilitation centres, a patient will remain within the medical facility and receive treatment whilst they are there.

The duration of their treatment can usually be either 3 months, 6 months, or 9 months – but it could be different depending on the centre. A longer stay is often recommended for the best results.

Outpatient rehab

For people who cannot go to inpatient rehab (maybe because of work or family commitments), outpatient rehab exists to offer help. A patient is required to visit the facility at regular intervals to receive their treatment, instead of remaining within the centre.

The set time could be monthly, weekly, or even at another set time, but it can sometimes depend on the severity of the patient’s addiction and also the centre.