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The Effects Of Desomorphine & Rehabilitation From Addiction

Although heroin is a drug that is well known for being both deadly and addictive, desomorphine is a substance that is far worse. Desomorphine, which is more commonly known as krokodil or the zombie drug, is a synthetic opiate (synthetic opiate narcotics aren’t natural and are man-made with chemicals) that has the potential to overtake the current dangerous narcotic substances as the most damaging and life-threatening around.

What makes this substance so dangerous is that it can be made fairly cheaply and with ingredients that aren’t very hard to find. It’s stronger and cheaper to make than heroin, and is often used as a substitute by heroin addicts who can no longer afford their habit.

How do people make desomorphine?

The items needed to make this substance aren’t difficult to find and it can usually be made within half an hour.

When codeine (which is a strong medicine that is used to cure headaches) is cooked in a mixture of iodine, gasoline, the red phosphorous from the strike pads of match boxes, paint thinner and hydrochloric acid, it makes a liquid.

Much like heroin, this liquid is injected into the skin. As you can see, the zombie drug is both easy and cheap to make, but what are the effects of it?

What are the effects of desomorphine?

Desomorphine has similar effects to heroin, but is far more potent; giving users a faster and more intense high and leading to faster drug addiction. But what are the downsides?

The nickname krokodil was given to this narcotic because, when injected, the surrounding skin turns green and takes on a scaly appearance. It looks a lot like a crocodile’s skin, but why is it also known as the zombie drug?

Well, in later stages of desomorphine abuse, injection sites can receive far worse issues than green skin. The skin becomes grey and can be peeled away, sometimes in such great amounts that bones can be exposed. You see, desomorphine rots the skin right down to the very core – and it can make people look like they are real-life zombies.

How can drug rehab help?

Rehabilitation centres offer specialist treatment for those who choose to go through their programs. With the right help and care for addiction on offer, and with physical and psychological experts that work in rehab facilities, an addiction to this substance can be beaten. In-patient treatments will often be prescribed for desomorphine addictions, but there are circumstances whereby out-patient treatment can still be beneficial.