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Latest Beauty Salon Trends

Beauty schools using the latest beauty and aesthetics supplies are very popular – and for a good reason, too. They offer a wide variety of treatments and services to enhance your beauty from Botox to Microdermabrasion. From smoother skin to the removal of unwanted body hair, beauty salons offer a lot!

So, if you’re thinking about going to a beauty salon, it may be a good idea to read this article. Why? Because it has the latest beauty salon trends, so you’ll know what’s hot right now. Want to know which services are popular? Keep reading!

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Yummy Mummy Treatments



You can also find treatments for young mothers – beauty treatments, devices to help young moms lactate such as breast pumps from Bump Benefits, as well as a whole range of feel good spa treatments to help mothers relax into the early stages of motherhood.

Mud baths

Mud baths are one of the best beauty salon treatments around for smooth and soft skin – and they are also relaxing, too! It may sound strange that mud baths are offered in beauty salons, but it makes a lot of sense. They are super effective – and if you’re hoping to make your skin softer, this is probably the best option for you.

This is why mud baths are so popular and trending right now. They feel good and have great results. What more could you want from a beauty treatment?


This beauty treatment is often thought to be painful and uncomfortable, but it’s still incredibly popular. Why? Well, it’s because microdermabrasion isn’t painless or unpleasant at all!

This treatment will remove old and dead skin cells from your body, which may not sound amazing, but it is! And the process comfortable and completely painless. When people try it out, they realise just how good it is – and then they tell their friends and it becomes even more popular.

Elase Beauty Spa

Pedicures Supplies

Pedicures can make your feet feel and look great. There are so many shoes that show off parts of our feet (sandals spring to mind), so it’s nice to be able to wear beautiful shoes without worrying about how your feet look.

Also, many shoes look good, but are extremely uncomfortable. And pedicures work to make your feet feel good, too! No wonder so many people all over the world get them!


NIMA Beauty School

What else?

The above may be some of the trending beauty salon treatments, but they certainly aren’t all of them. Botox, facials and massages are just a few of the others that you may find on offer, so don’t be afraid to ask your local salon what services they do and don’t extend to their clientele. If you are looking for a particular treatment and your local salon doesn’t offer it, don’t be afraid to look further afield – online is a great resource for finding great salons in any area of the world.



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