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Female Viagra : What you need to know about Addyi and Vyleesi

Flibanserin and bremelanotide are the most common options available to those looking for treatment to FSIAD – and that’s why it can be a good idea for sufferers to do a little research if they feel that medication is the next step.

Vyleesi vs Viagra

Unlike Viagra, Vyleesi is a medication that needs to be injected into the belly or thigh and it was specifically created to increase sexual desire in women suffering with a chronically low sex drive.

Just as men have to take Cialis a short time before having sex, females will need to inject themselves with bremelanotide at least 45 minutes before any sexual interaction occurs. In general, the effects should last for up to 24 hours, and a woman shouldn’t inject themselves any more than once in a day. It’s also recommended for use up to 8 times a month. 

Addyi vs Viagra

While Addyi is well known for its ability to treat women with HSDD, it was originally created to be an antidepressant rather than a sexual dysfunction med like Viagra. Flibanserin comes in pill form and needs to be taken orally once a day, even if the person taking it doesn’t plan to have sex. In some cases, it can take up to 8 weeks to see an increase in libido, but some may experience positive effects sooner.

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Why Alcohol Is Commonly Abused

There are many people who drink alcohol in the world – and this is a problem for many reasons. Not only can it be the cause of many life-threatening issues with heavy or chronic drinking (which is when somebody has been drinking for a long time), but it’s also addictive, meaning that people may continue to drink even when they know the consequences. However, over use of alcohol can also lead to erectile dysfunction and the need for ED meds like Viagra.

Why some people start to drink

There are many reasons why people might drink alcohol. It could be because of friends, or because of issues that they may have (for example, if a loved one dies a person may turn to drinking).

When some people are depressed, they might begin to drink. And, even though some people drink to make their problems go away, they may not realise that it could cause them even more issues. Plus, since it’s addictive, they may find it difficult to quit consuming it.

How people get addicted

Drinking alcohol will often lead to an addiction, which makes it harder for the abuser to stop drinking. Although drinking alcohol can begin as a one-off at a special occasion, it isn’t difficult to form a dependency on it. Also, when somebody is an addict, they feel like they need to drink to be able to live and function, and this leads them to become even more reliant on it.

A lot of the time alcohol will become their main priority – which could lead them to leave their job, which leaves them with no money. What makes it even more difficult is that some people don’t think that they have a problem, which makes it harder for them to realise what could happen if they continue to drink.

The dangers of alcoholism

There are many different dangers that come with drinking. Not only are these issues damaging to an alcoholic both mentally and physically, but there are also risks that can occur whilst they are drunk, too.

Drinking is able to cause mental issues such as depression and even dementia, and physical dangers such as cirrhosis and gout.

Whilst intoxicated, abusers can be a danger to themselves – as well as to those around them.

Treatment for an alcohol addiction

Luckily, for many people struggling with alcoholism there are treatments on offer. And, although there are many different kinds of treatments for an addict to choose from, rehabilitation centres are usually one of the most effective ways for an addict to move forward.

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